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Viet Nam economy is emerging quicking to catch up with the rest of Asia in the past 5 years. Successful start-ups have contributed significantly to the growth of the nation’s economy. These include startups in ICT.
Viet Accelerator is a capital fundraising and investment program for startups in Vietnam by Angels who have experience in investing and advising startups.

Opportunity for angel investors:

Angel investment is still new in Viet Nam. People are still investing more money to Stock, Fixed Assets, Lotto than startups.

There are number of Co-Working spaces that are the only place where startups meet potential investors. However, there is still no Eco system has been created.

Key objective:

To give a straight return on capital for angel investors in 6 months by growing value of startups

Viet Accelerator is looking for startups that meet the following criterias:

  • Have a team of talented and cohesive co-founder (From 2 or more founders)
  • Having potential business model
  • Having trial products ready to hit the market.


Our strategies

  • Seed funding and mentorship to early-stage startups
  • Fund raising in connection with VC and investment funds.


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