Why do you choose VA?

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Viet Accelerator provides best of breed Startups with access to funding, mentors, and Corporates who are looking to invest.

We are Angels who have experience in investing and advising startups in Australia and Vietnam.

We connect Corporates with Startups who create game-changing technology for your market.

Viet Accelerator provides entrepreneurs with the capital, mentorship, facilities and services that stimulates creativity and productivity. Viet Accelerator is rigorous, rapid and can achieve dramatic commercial results. The results you can expect:

  • Advise business model
  • Access to talent and new technology
  • Experience the business models from the Viet Accelerator’s partners
  • Improved company-wide understanding of innovation
  • Develop company culture
  • Help establish an R&D strategy
  • Bring about new ways of problem solving
  • Deliver competitive advantage
  • Exposure to potential new customers.


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